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New Peugeot 308 announced

We are proud to announce the next generation of the hugely popular 308 range: the New 308, coming to Charters Peugeot of Aldershot later in 2021.

With over 7,000,000 308 models sold across the UK, its modern namesake needs to be very special to be named as such.

The New 308 brings the very latest technology, a longer wheelbase, shorter overall height, some bold new colours and some premium refinements that elevate the 308 range higher than it has ever been before.



Recently, Peugeot introduced us to their brand new logo and this is the first new model to showcase it. The new logo adorns not only the sides, bringing a nostalgic feel to anyone who has ever driven a 205 but a practical use when fitted to the front grille. Behind the front logo is the essential radar that enables many of the clever new driving aids fitted to this car.



Fitted to the New 308 is a whole host of new technology. The modern i-Cockpit has been refined with a small (and optionally heated) steering wheel that is low enough for the entirely digital 10-inch instrument cluster to be seen. This is completely customisable, ensuring the information that you find essential is front and centre for a better, more unique driving experience. Choose the GT trim level and it will be fitted with the 3D i-Cockpit, as seen on the GT trim level of the e-208.

Full LED lighting technology allows for a clearer view of the roads ahead (with the GT trim level and above, offering Peugeot Matrix LED Technology for a cleaner and safer drive ahead).

A wireless charging plate is included for your smartphone and now Mirror Screen is available completely wirelessly. You can even connect two phones simultaneously to the New 308 via Bluetooth. There’s no need for messy wires in the New 308. Just place your phone on the wireless charging plate and you’re charging and connected to your new car.

From the Allure trim level, you’ll receive a frameless interior rear-view mirror and on hybrid models, it will house a cyan LED to show when you are driving with zero emissions. This clever rear-view mirror houses a very clever driving aid which we’ll highlight later in this article.




The FOCAL premium Hi-Fi (fitted as an option on many trim levels), brings a whole new level of sound to your New 308.

If music be the food of life then the FOCAL premium Hi-Fi option is a banquet.

A collection of speakers and technology come to together to bring a sound stage like no other.

FOCAL PREMIUM Hi-Fi option includes:

  • 4 aluminium inverted dome tweeters
  • 4 woofers with 165mm TMD suspension
  • 1 central Polyglass track
  • 1 ovoid triple coil subwoofer Power Flower™

all connect to a new 60w 12-channel amplifier with ARKAMYS digital sound processing.

This all makes for an incredible sound profile not seen in other modern hatchbacks.



With the current generation 308 range offering a swathe of driving aids, the New 308 offers an even more refined collection. Depending on trim level. your new Peugeot comes fitted with:

  • Long range blind-spot monitoring (up to 75 metres)
  • Rear traffic alert (when reversing)
  • New high definition 180-degree reversing camera with integrated cleaning nozzle
  • 360-degree parking assistance with 4 cameras (front, rear and side)
  • Proximity hands-free starting & access
  • Heated steering wheel and windshield for fast defrosting
  • Indexing the rear-view mirrors when engaging reverse gear (they automagically adjust to give you a better view when reversing)
  • e-call+ emergency call with location and direction details
  • Drive Assist 2.0 pack includes: adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function, Lane Keeping Aid
  • and much, much more.

The New 308 has been made to enhance your driving and ensure you and your passengers are in the safest place on the roads.



There are a good choice of engines, powertrains and transmissions available on the New 308. These include two petrol units (PureTech), one diesel (BlueHDi) and 2 variants of hybrid for lower emissions.

All units utilise Stop/ Start technology for better economy and are Euro 6.3 compliant. These vehicles have a 52 litre fuel tank for a longer range.

All manual models have a six-speed transmission, with automatics having an extremely smooth 8-speed transmission. Many of the clever driving aids only operate on the EAT8 Automatic variants, so if you’re looking for your next step towards semi-autonomous driving, then look for EAT8.



There are five variants of single combustion engine available. Two variants of BlueHDi diesel and three variants of PureTech petrol:

  • PureTech 110 Manual
  • PureTech 130 Manual
  • PureTech 130 EAT8 Auto
  • BlueHDi 130 Manual
  • BlueHDI 130 EAT8 Auto


The New 308 is the first hatchback from Peugeot to be offered as a hybrid unit.

These clever systems allow you to run on pure electric power on smaller journeys (i.e. your commute) but not be held back by the range of traditional electric cars.

There are two hybrid variants available:

  • Hybrid 180 e-EAT8
  • Hybrid 225 e-EAT8

The Hybrid New 308s bring together both the award-winning PureTech engine (in 150hp and 180hp versions) and a powerful 81Kw electric motor. You can drive up to 60 km / 37.2 miles in pure electric (WLTP standardised testing).

When choosing a hybrid powertrain, you are provided with a selectable driving style: Electric Hybrid, Eco, Normal or Sport.

The New 308 can be charged in a little as 1 hour and 55 minutes (with an optional on-board 7.4KW single phase charger).



The New Peugeot 308 is available in eight distinct colours:

  • Olivine Green (pictured)
  • Vertigo Blue
  • Elixir Red
  • Pearl White
  • Ice White
  • Artense Grey
  • Perla Nera Black


If you have a question that we haven’t ask here, then send us a message and we’ll be happy to cover it. In the meantime, check back to see what updates Peugeot brings us on this exciting new car.

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